​Known for large fruit size, exceptional fruit quality and excellent sweet flavor, Diamante is ideal for eating fresh or using in preserves or pies, and is a popular choice for chocolate covered strawberries. This high yielding, day-neutral selection provides a bountiful harvest from spring through frost. Semi-evergreen.



Makes wonderfully sophisticated reds. Wine writers have been waxing poetic about this variety for over a decade now because of its high sugar content and moderate acidity. This combination is capable of producing highly complex wines with a deep ruby color, exquisite tannins and flavors of blackberry, cherry, black pepper and allspice. The grapes are blue-black and gorgeous on the vines, which have a semi-upright habit and medium vigor. Developed by the University of Minnesota and introduced in 2006. Ripens early-to-mid September. Self-pollinating.

Proven Winners


Berried Treasure Red

To keep your Berried Treaures looking its best, you may need to do some light cleaning of spent flowers.  Keeping the soil evenly moist and using a regular fertilization program will produce the most prolific berry crop.​

Fall Gold Raspberry

A rare, exciting self-fertile gold raspberry with the same deliciously sweet taste of red varieties, and the ability to produce two crops each season. After a late summer to fall harvest, a second crop arrives the following spring on the same canes. Excellent fresh or for preserves and pies. The warm yellow berries brighten the garden. Deciduous.
Hands down, the best Raspberry I have ever had, to describe the taste I would say a cross of Maple syrup and plain raspberry, simply a wonderful taste.


Frontenac Gris

Introduced in 2003 by the University of Minnesota, this cultivar produces a quality white wine.  A perfect grape to snack on!
Wines produced from this cultivar can make lively, refreshing table, dessert, and ice wines with aromas of pineapple, apricot, peach, and citrus