Fall Gold Raspberry

A rare, exciting self-fertile gold raspberry with the same deliciously sweet taste of red varieties, and the ability to produce two crops each season. After a late summer to fall harvest, a second crop arrives the following spring on the same canes. Excellent fresh or for preserves and pies. The warm yellow berries brighten the garden. Deciduous.
Hands down, the best Raspberry I have ever had, to describe the taste I would say a cross of Maple syrup and plain raspberry, simply a wonderful taste.

A sweet pepper used pickled or in salads, the Hungarian Sweet Wax Pepper will produce light yellowish green peppers that will turn to orange then red when mature; just sow them in a sunny spot with well drained soil and enjoy a bountiful harvest


Mortgage Lifter
Radiator Charlie is the developer of this tomato. The owner of a radiator repair shop in the 1930s Charlie was facing bankruptcy. He had no plant breeding experience, yet he cross-bred 4 Varieties to develop this big, tasty tomato, sold 1000 plants at $1 each over six years and paid off  his mortgage. Fruits of mortgage Lifter can average 2-1/2 Lbs. and may reach 4lbs when grown well. Plants are very productive and disease-resistant, and continue to bear until frost. These large, slightly flattened, pink-red tomatoes are meaty and flavorful with few seeds.


A customer favorite year after year, Blue Lake 274 Bush Bean bears heavy yields of slender, dark green, stringless pods. Cook these snap beans fresh and enjoy their firm texture and old-fashioned, rich green bean flavor. You'll also have plenty for canning so you'll get a taste of summer in mid-winter. Blue Lake's seeds develop slowing and the 6- to 6 1/2 in. pods stay smooth.

Golden Boy
This delightful golden tomato produces 8-10 ounce fruits with great flavor and good disease resistance.  The globe shaped tomatoes have a very meaty, yet mild flavor.  On summer days in front of the cutting board, I like to add the bright color of this tomato to my homemade salads, salsas, soups, and cooked dishes. 


Wisconsin 55
A superb tomato developed at the University of Wisconsin. Large deep red fruits resist shoulder cracks and blossom end rot, ripen evenly and have strong skin and solid flesh. Vigorous plants are tolerant to defoliation diseases, early blight and leaf spot. For top performance fertilize regularly. Semi-determinate plants.


A refined version of the popular Japanese Eggplant. Plants are heavy bearers of roughly 10" fruits which are slender and curved. The thin skin ripens to a deep purple-black, encasing white flesh. The fruits are popular in stir fry's, but can be grilled or used like regular eggplants. Flavor is sweet. The plants are also advantageous to the home grower as they tend to bear well into the cooler season, up until frost.

This all-purpose tomato is my favorite garden variety with 7 to 8 ounce, medium-large, globe shaped fruits.  Celebrity is a vigorous, high yielding tomato with firm, flavorful fruit and excellent disease resistance.  It is a good choice for slicing, making sauces, soups and salsas, in salads, or preserving.  The exceptionally strong plants start producing early to mid-summer and continue right up until frost. 

A beefsteak variety with outstanding hybrid vigor! Beefmaster Hybrid Tomato produces large yields of huge, up to 2 lb., beautiful red fruits that are mild-flavored, sweet and meaty. The tomatoes are excellent for eating fresh—sliced and on sandwiches.


Super Supreme Banana

High Yielding, vigorous, upright plants grow to 20 inches tall and produce a profusion of large, delicious, banana shaped fruits measuring about 8 x 2 inches Adds color and flavor to cooked dishes.


California Wonder
Large four inch peppers are great for stuffing! The fruit turns from green to rich red when mature with a super sweet flavor when fully ripe.  Adds color and flavor to salads and cooked dishes.



Great big, 8 to 10 inch top quality bush cucumbers are produced on long lasting vines throughout summer. Tender, sweet, crisp and virtually seedless. Perfect for salads and superb on sandwiches! Water well in warm weather.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush hybrid squash is a bright waxy golden-yellow squash with the shape and taste of zucchini. Gold Rush grows tender and crisp for use as raw “finger food” or cooked in your favorite dishes. Each plant will occupy only about four square feet but will yield as many fruits as an ordinary summer squash with larger plants.

Sweet 100
Bursting with sugar flavor this tomato is not only tasty but good for you too.  These bite sized cherry tomatoes are super sweet and are extra high in Vitamin C.  The bright 1 inch globes add a special  tang and color to my summer salads and are great right off the vine.  The fruits are produced in long clusters, each branch producing more than 100 fruits right up to frost.  Super Sweet 100 Hybrid  us a rare treat that is also one of the most nutritious tomatoes available anywhere.

Proven Winners
Berried Treasure Red​

To keep your Berried Treaures looking its best, you may need to do some light cleaning of spent flowers.  Keeping the soil evenly moist and using a regular fertilization program will produce the most prolific berry crop.​



Generations of gardeners have delighted in the flavorful fruit and unique color of heirloom tomatoes!  This tomato is famous for its mild flavor and meaty texture! It is a prolific bearer and should become a regular in any home garden. This 6 ounce heirloom tomato was the All-America Bronze Medal winner in 1943. To make your next plate of sliced red tomatoes even more attractive, I suggest adding a few golden-orange slices from this beautiful tomato. I would also add it to your summer salads, sandwiches for additional color and flavor.  Disease Resistance: A


Glossy, deep purple-black fruits with heavy yields of gourmet fruit that are high in flavor.  Vigorous plants produce high-quality harvests.  Perfect baked, steamed, sauteed, roasted, fried or stuffed.  Water well in warm weather.

Our 2020 List of Veggies For Your Minnesota Garden

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Once you taste the sweet tropical flavor of this bite sized fruit you will always want to keep them in your garden. The bright tangerine-orange fruits are borne in large clusters. The flavor develops early, so this little tomato is great for snacking a week before full mature, when it becomes very sweet and delicious. The exotic taste has made this one of my favorite snacks.


This is the one to start off with if your starting peppers, dry it out and use all year long
A very popular medium hot pepper Cayenne's interesting flavor makes it popular fresh, cooked or pickled.  The long tapered peppers, 6-8 inches long, start green and turn red at maturity.  They provide heat to chili or any other dish you want to turn up the temperature on. Pencil thin Cayenne peppers are most commonly used fresh in hot sauces and chilies,  but they can be dried and ground to make cayenne pepper. Make pepper flakes to add a nice flavor to oil or vinegar.

Roma Plum
These vigorous vines produce excellent yields of bright red, medium sized, pear-shaped fruit.  In the kitchen, these tomatoes are meatier and less juicy than slicing tomatoes, making them ideal for my sauces and creamy tomato soups.  Roma Plum tomatoes are my choice for many cooked dishes, canning, and for making tomato paste.  I enjoy serving these tomatoes sun dried or chunky, tossing them with hot cooked pasta and fresh basil.  Not only are these tomatoes delicious, but they’re also nutritious as excellent sources of fiber and Vitamins A and C. 

Proven Winners

This compact, cherry-size tomato has been hailed as a breakthrough.  It is perfectly sized for growing in a container on your patio. For it's size, it produces tons of ripe tomatoes. Tomatoes present prominently. Juciy fruits have a tender skin and perfect sweet

The Whopper is my tomato of choice to slice on hamburgers and BLT sandwiches! These incredibly large, luscious tomatoes have set the standard for taste, size, and yield.  They mature to 4 inches or more across and ripen uniformly even when the weather is overcast. You will find these tomatoes keep right on coming in huge quantities until frost.  They have a wonderful fresh tomato flavor that is great in salads.

Lemon yellow in color. Highly adaptable plants yield large, deep oblate fruits, averaging 6 to 7 oz. and about 3-1/2" across. Out-yields all other "golden" tomatoes available. Mild flavored and adds an inviting color to salads.


Straight Eight

As soon as the vines begin to flower, train the plants up a vertical or A-frame trellis. Keeping the fruit off the ground will produce straighter specimens and make them easier to harvest. Also, the improved air circulation may ward off some fungal diseases. Since cucumbers climb via tightly coiled tendrils, tying them in a few places helps train them to grow up the support. A-frame trellises are popular for cucumbers.


Caspian Pink
Caspian Pink was originally grown in Russia between the Caspian and Black Seas. It was apparently discovered by a Petoseed company employee shortly after the Cold War. The Caspian Pink tomato
Plants ripen from the bottom up and produce for many weeks. The meaty fruits are great freshly sliced or cooked to a mild, sweet sauce.


Cherokee Purple
This old heirloom variety from Tennessee is extremely productive and has a very rich tomato flavor. Given to heirloom tomato collector Craig LeHoullier by J. D. Green of Tennessee, it is at least 100 years old and was reported as originally grown by the Cherokee Indians. The fruits are large (twelve to sixteen ounces), dark pink with darker purple shoulders.  Sometimes called a 'black' tomato, the color carries though to the flesh, especially at the stem end. It has an excellent complex flavor, slight sweet after taste. I like to use this perfect slicing tomato for tomato sandwiches. Good resistance to Septoria leaf spot.

Bush Pickle

Bush Pickle is great if you want to make pickles but have limited space. Instead of a sprawling vine, these cucumbers are produced on compact, bushy plants making them especially good for small gardens or containers. The plants measure only 3 feet in diameter at maturity yet they produce a large crop of 4-5 inch pickles. Pick fruit often and for best flavor do not permit them to grow too large. Pick pickles smaller for gherkins. The cool mild flavor of these pickles also make them a good choice for slicing and using in salads.

Frontenac Gris

Introduced in 2003 by the University of Minnesota, this cultivar produces a quality white wine.  A perfect grape to snack on!
Wines produced from this cultivar can make lively, refreshing table, dessert, and ice wines with aromas of pineapple, apricot, peach, and citrus


Full Sun, and give it plenty of room to grow
All Americian Selection. Aristocrat is truly a noble addition to anyone's squash garden.  Fruits are glossy dark green, smooth, straight and cylindrical with creamy-white, tasty flesh that is meltingly tender throughout their growth. This high yielding variety grows as an upright, open bush making the fruits easy to see and easy to harvest. Pick when 7 to 8 inches long for peak flavor.  A great summer treat grilled and brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with a little grated parmesan cheese. 
This one, sliced down the middle length wise, on the grill, the best


​Known for large fruit size, exceptional fruit quality and excellent sweet flavor, Diamante is ideal for eating fresh or using in preserves or pies, and is a popular choice for chocolate covered strawberries. This high yielding, day-neutral selection provides a bountiful harvest from spring through frost. 

Yellow Pear
This unique heirloom cherry tomato from the late 1800’s is a beautiful golden color and shaped exactly like a tiny pear.  The vigorous vines produce abundant bite-size fruits that are very popular in home gardens with their mild, tangy flavor.   Every year my kids ask me to plant this delicious tomato in our garden.  I have even heard it referred to as “garden candy”.  I use this tomato to add color to salads and salsas, or in summer party appetizers.

 Lemon Boy
Lemon yellow in color. Highly adaptable plants yield large, deep oblate fruits, averaging 6 to 7 oz. and about 3-1/2" across. Out-yields all other "golden" tomatoes available. Mild flavored and adds an inviting color to salads.


Ghost Pepper
This Pepper is beyond hot, and some people say it is the hottest pepper in the world, though I think the  Carolina Reaper is.  If you are starting to grow your own peppers, this is not the one to start with.  I sell it because there are allot of Chef's that will grow it and only use a SMALL PIECE of it.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED AND DON'T BE STUPID AND EAT A WHOLE ONE, YOU WILL END UP IN THE HOSPITAL!!


Green Zebra
I love the lime-emerald colored flesh and invigorating lemon-lime flavor of this unusual and exquisite tomato.  It took four heirloom varieties to make up the combination of breeding to establish this one tomato masterpiece.  The 2-3 ounce fruits are slightly elongated with some small ridges at the shoulder.  I find the unique flavor is tangy and slightly tarter than regular tomatoes making it perfect to spice up salads and salsa or adding color to homemade cooked dishes.  The well-branched vines provide good foliage cover with some resistance to septoria leaf spot. 


A stellar burpless cuke, perfect for greenhouse cultivation and no pollinators necessary without insects the vines will produce seedless fruit that remain tender and tasty for longer. Very tender, dual-purpose variety makes great pickles and is excellent for fresh eating right out of the garden! Nearly spineless fruit is 6 to 8 inches long, reaching a plump 3 inches wide. Produces abundantly on strong vigorous vines. Non-bitter, burpless variety can be eaten at any stage of growth. For pickling, harvest the fruit at 4 to 6 inches long.

Big Boy
Big Boy has been one of the most popular varieties grown by home gardeners since its introduction in 1949.  It is a very vigorous plant with heavy foliage that produces large, firm, smooth fruit.  The bright red, meaty tomatoes average 10 ounces with many reaching 1 pound or more.  I plant this flavorful tomato in my garden every year for use in my homemade cooked dishes, salads, soups, and sauces.


A long, tapered, juicy cucumber.  A very productive variety that sets fruit sooner than other slicing cucumbers.  Ideal for the home vegetable garden. Eaten raw this cucumber is perfect for salads, sandwiches and dips.  Fertilize with liquid or slow release plant food for best results.

Green Bean

Red Beefsteak tomatoes are large and meaty with lots of juice, making them ideal to use as a base for fresh sauces and dips. Red Beefsteak's mild flavor makes them the perfect complement to any dish, without being too overpowering.

Amish Paste
Large for a sauce tomato, Amish Paste's slightly irregular plum-to strawberry shaped fruits avg. 8-12 oz. with excellent flavor. These meaty tomatoes are good in salads and great for processing.

Black Beauty

Black Beauty Squash Plants produce 6-10-inch, semi-spineless fruits with a rich, dark green skin and creamy-white flesh with a small seed cavity. Introduced to the US markets in 1920, this is one zucchini that is delicious however served! This highly productive variety is a bush-type plant.


Mucho Nacho, Jalapeno
The most versatile of all hot peppers, with larger, jumbo-sized, 4-in., thicker, milder fruits than most jalapenos – but with that robust jalapeño flavor. Perfect stuffed, pickled or added to salsa



Rutgers Select
This attractive, old-time favorite was originally introduced in 1934.  It produces good yields of smooth, bright red tomatoes that ripen evenly from inside out.  The globe-shaped tomatoes have full-bodied flavor and average 6-7 ounces with slightly flattened, thick walls. If you’re looking to plant an all purpose tomato, I would recommend Rutger’s Select. It is an exceptional tomato for most everything: slicing, cooking, sauces, pastes, canning and freezing!



A pink, potato-leaf, Amish variety from the 1880’s named after Brandywine Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Brandywine is a tomato that found its way into the Seed Savers Exchange collection in 1982. It is probably the first heirloom to achieve "cult status" within the growing popularity of heirloom tomatoes.  Fruits average 12 ounces but can grow to1.5 pounds. It is by far the best known of all heirlooms and for good reason. Everyone who tastes it is enchanted by its superb flavor. The fruits have a very large beefsteak shape and grow on unusually upright, potato-leaved plants. The fruits set one or two per cluster and ripen late. At summer's end, Brandywine's qualities really shine when it develops an incredible fine, sweet flavor.


Known for its excellent flavor particularly among bi-color tomatoes, Pineapple is mildly sweet with low acidity, somewhat fruity, and includes a hint of citrus. Its flavor improves towards end of season.
Size. Pineapple tomatoes range from one pound to often more than two pounds in size. One seed producer says, “You may be safer holding them in two hands, rather than one.” Pineapple has become a valued slicing tomato. Fruit is meaty with few seeds.



Makes wonderfully sophisticated reds. Wine writers have been waxing poetic about this variety for over a decade now because of its high sugar content and moderate acidity. This combination is capable of producing highly complex wines with a deep ruby color, exquisite tannins and flavors of blackberry, cherry, black pepper and allspice. The grapes are blue-black and gorgeous on the vines, which have a semi-upright habit and medium vigor. Developed by the University of Minnesota and introduced in 2006. Ripens early-to-mid September. Self-pollinating.


Black Prince

Originally from Siberia, this is one of the most popular and favored black tomatoes. Originally introduced from Irkutsk, Russia and is regarded as a "true Siberian tomato" that does very well in cooler climates. Until only recently this was considered a rare variety in the United States.

Perfect for eating fresh, and in cooking in tomato sauce, or other culinary wonders. A good canning tomato.

Fairy Tale

A unique eggplant variety that has pretty waves of lavender fruit with white streaking that grows in clusters of 3 to 5.  This tasty treat produces a full two weeks earlier than the average hybrid eggplant! Fairytale is a dwarf plant that is perfect for home gardens, and also makes an attractive ornamental plant because of its beautiful, bright lavender flowers and soft green foliage.  You will find this plant has abundant yields whether planted in containers on your patio or in the vegetable garden. Harvest in the baby stage, when fruits are 4 inches long by 1 3/4 wider at the shoulder, for a sweet, bitter-free flavor, with fewer seeds.  Wonderful in baked casseroles with other vegetables, in stir fries, roasted, grilled on the barbecue, and in pasta dishes!! Plant in full sun in well-drained soil.