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Our growers specialize in Minnesota hardy plants.
What that means to you is that the plant you select from
Minnesota Gardens will be healthier and thrive in your gardens!

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Please shop the Big Stores!

At Minnesota Gardens we encourage you to shop the big stores, ask them questions about your flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  Ask them what kind of flower works well in shade or sun; ask them how to keep your Endless Summer Hydrangea pink over the summer,
ask the big stores what the first vegetables that you can plant in the spring. 
​After that come to
Minnesota Gardens the store that knows the answers to those questions and more. 
​Our staff members know what it takes to make your flower or vegetable garden grow and answer the questions you might have along the way.  From what type of plant will grow in the shade to how to keep your Endless Summer Hydrangea pink, we know the answers.