Buying Plants on Amazon   

          So, your sitting at home doing some shopping on Amazon for the newest electronic item to hit the market and you notice Amazon is now selling plants.  Wow! You can just stay at home pick out your plants and they get delivered to your door!
The pictures of the plants you want to purchase are stunning!  What could be an easier way to plan your garden!!    You can get them in 2 days! 
But wait a second, you might have a few questions? 

The following are common questions that are asked and welcomed at Minnesota Gardens.

If the plant is a tree, shrub, conifer or perennial: Is this plant hardy in my area, without protection?  (In the Twin cities we are Zone 4) 

      When does it bloom? Don’t let the pretty picture fool you into thinking it will always look like that, and some perennials bloom for just 2 weeks) 

What sun conditions does it need to thrive? Sun, shade, sun and shade. 

How much do I need to water, once a day, once a week? 

Unless it’s a vine: Does it require staking 

What does partial sun mean? 

What does partial shade mean?

How often do I fertilize if at all? 

When and how do I prune the Hydrangea shrubs you have?  

Does it have a recurring insect, disease or other problem that harms its health or appearance? 

·       Does it need any kind of maintenance to stay attractive? (Frequent pruning, deadheading, sucker removal, etc.  This involves a lot of time, but hey you got free shipping to your door.) 

Is it invasive? (Snow on the Mountain ground cover is very invasive in Minnesota.) 

Can I hold off on planting for a few days after I get them, and how should I keep them? 

Would you want this plant in your own garden? 

Can you help me do a layout of the plants I want to get? 

Are these plants poisonous to pets? 

Don’t be afraid to really look at the plant. Gently pop it out of the pot to look at the roots. If the plant is really root bound, see if you can find one that is a little smaller and comes out more easily.  That’s right you can’t do that with Amazon. 

Are these plants poisonous to children?


So, go ahead and shop Amazon, wait for your questions to be answered………………….. we will be here to give you the garden advise from the experts at Minnesota Gardens



Please shop the Big Stores!

At Minnesota Gardens we encourage you to shop the big stores, ask them questions about your flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  Ask them what kind of flower works well in shade or sun; ask them how to keep your Endless Summer Hydrangea pink over the summer,
ask the big stores what the first vegetables that you can plant in the spring. 
​After that come to
Minnesota Gardens the store that knows the answers to those questions and more. 
​Our staff members know what it takes to make your flower or vegetable garden grow and answer the questions you might have along the way.  From what type of plant will grow in the shade to how to prune your shrubs,
we know the answers.

Minnesota Gardens