Lobelia, White Knight

Supertunia, Hot Pink Mini Vista

Verbena, Red

Verbena, Peachy Keen Superbena Royale

Calibrachoa, Double Orchid Superbells

Gomphrena, Truffula Pink

Cuphea, Fairy Dust Pink

Impatiens, Blushing Lilac

Impatiens, Rockapulco Wisteria

 Calibrachoa, White Superbells

Impatiens, Rockapulco Red

Hypoestes, Hippo Red

Coleus, Sedona Sunset ColorBlaze

Angelonia, Perfectly Pink

Nemesia, Cranberry Red

Hypoestes, Hippo White

Zinnia, Candy Cane Sweet Tooth

Calibrachoa, Pink Superbells

Calibrachoa, Holy Cow! Superbells

Coleus, Pink Chaos


Golden Butterfly


Supertunia, Silverberry Vista

 Calibrachoa, Superbells Blue Moon Punch

White Licorice, Helichrysum Proven Accents

Begonia, Funky Pink

Geranium, Timeless Lavender

 Calibrachoa, Double Ruby Superbells

Verbena, Royal Purple with Eye

Our Proven Winners Section Will Be Growing As We Get Closer To Opening.  If There Is A Plant You Are Looking For, Please Contact Us.

 Coleus, Torchlight ColorBlaze

SunPatiens, Compact Fire Red