With the gardening season coming soon, and people having to avoid crowds, we at Minnesota Gardens will be making some changes on how we serve our customers.


*We will have our E-Commerce up and running by the end of the weekend 3-31-20, check out our App for plant pics and plant info.

*We will be offering FREE DELIVERY within the City of CHASKA and parts of CHANHASSEN 

 *We will be posting a map in the next week for our delivery area and garden center deliveries will be distributed on a schedule.  

*We will have special hours for seniors to shop.

*We have increased our Veggie & Herb production so you can grow a Victory Garden.

*For our customers that we design & make patio pots for, you will have the option for us to come out to your house for free instead of dropping your patio pots if you prefer.  If you decide to have us come out, please email us soon as we are starting to fill up.

*We will be offering curbside pickup, if you want to stay in your car.

*We will limit the amount of customers in our store to have social distancing.

*Our landscaping Dept is open, with only design work done at this time, via email & pics.

​*We will be keeping our doors open to avoid the touching of knobs, set up a hand washing station, wipe surfaces down in accordance with CDC standards and keep sterile gloves and wipes on hand near the cart area for customers to use as needed.

​​​*We have increased our Veggie & Herb selection for your Victory Garden.

*You can also help other small businesses in Chaska by purchasing their Gift Certificates, that will help them more than you know.​

*If you need to borrow gardening tools for a day no worries, all we ask is that you bring them back clean. Please email us as to what tools you need.  We just have hand tools, rakes, shovels, etc, but our garden tiller will be up and running in a week if you need that.  Just email us!! All for Free!

​*If your not in our area for delivery there are other garden centers that are doing the same, so please support them, we are all in this together.

*If you are finding yourself at home during these times, please use the FREE App to share what you are doing in your garden, it's a great platform to reach out.  I myself need a recipe for making bread if anyone has one?  I tried something on You Tube and made play dough!!

​*Please use our Free gardening text line 612-708-7236 or our FREE App if you have any gardening

or landscape questions.  It's FREE and we don't save or give your number away.


Spring Is Coming & We Are Planning To Open Late April-Early May!

We wanted you to know what changes we at Minnesota Gardens will be doing during this virus and the 2020 Gardening Season

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